Chapter 6 – Vibration


Finding the Supreme

Chapter 6 — Vibration

In the 1960’s younger people all over the world adopted a word that comes from Eastern esoteric and meditative disciplines to describe the world. The word is “vibration”. Shortened to “vibes” this term began to be used to describe a person’s energy, the national news, one’s family, politics, and nearly anything else both organic and non. Everything experiencable could have a vibe. It meant a perceivable adjunct to the merely visible reality of the thing. It was meant to describe a sometimes subtle feeling about the object or person, usually felt as an affinity to the observer or as a lack of it. The ability to sense vibrations about things was thought to be a matter of personal sensitivity to energetic invisible realities that give rise to material visible things.

In chapter 3 of this book there is a discussion of ‘frequency’ and how frequency seems to manifest in the world. Both words are used here to describe the same matter, and the same not-matter.

Life expresses itself in frequencies. Quantum physics “explains” that frequencies are ‘nothing’ vibrating. Getting this point is most difficult from the earthly perspective. How can nothing vibrate? How can nothing do anything? Perhaps the quantum mechanics (sic) will help us with this soon and explain from the physics perspective how nothing can vibrate. But this is the best statement in the popular science press for now that we have to name the emergence of things from their source in immateriality.

As mentioned earlier here, the entire experience of living and knowing changes based on how we ‘are’. And it was asserted that how we are is a function of the quickness of our frequency. How fast or how slowly we are vibrating. Hate was even described as “slow love”. And it is given to humans to be able to alter our frequencies. Many techniques exist, though some are not described in terms of altering our frequency, they sometimes have spiritual descriptors, sometimes those of meditating, increasing health, etc.

Initially we have no idea we are responsible for our rate of vibration being somewhere on the continuum of frequencies, somewhere on the probably trillions of locations in a spectrum of vibrational speed. We just don’t know. From the perspective of a third dimensional reality, this has no validity, and it is even hard to think about.

Faster frequencies generate a more ‘expanded’ current reality. In this context expanded means both bigger and also more intricate and complex, more full, more obvious and also, ironically and benevolently, more simple. This is the paradox we inherit by personal vibrational rate, that ascending in frequency, which is to say raising our expressed vibrational pattern, makes experience wonderfully more complex and wonderfully more simple. We could realize the more complex value by seeing that the options available for us to have increased. Options may complicate, but not choosing an option is an option, and presents us with the vast simplicity of it. Becoming a Witness of ourselves and our life as shown earlier here releases all the multiplicities and entanglements of being in the world, and things still get done. We straddle doing and appreciating, easily, without trying. There is a sensation of paddling downstream, enjoying the view of the riverbanks. We just steer. Not struggle. As Fritz Perls said, we “Don’t push the river.”

Given that vibration is central to life, it’s worth looking as deeply as we can into how vibration comes about in the first place. We engage this strange issue of how can nothing vibrate.

Toth and the Revisioning of Darkness

Automatic writing is an old technique to connect with guidance and write it down in real time. It is said that sometimes the guides take over one’s hands and literally do the typing or handwriting. For me, communications are auditory, and I type or hand write them.

Below, my statements are introduced by ‘>’.

>Surround with light, standard protections.

>This is to connect with guidance for automatic writing.

Yes, we are here.

>I want to ask about my mission on earth.


>What is it?

Ancient. Egyptian. Atlantean to Egyptian. You went from Atlantis to Egypt as Thoth, with Thoth energies. It is of Thoth.

Put yourself under Thoth energies again. His tutelage. You once knew. See what is there for you.

>I want to know how I will know what is there for me and what I am supposed to do with it.

It goes in stages, first connect, then ask what is relevant, then ask what to do, but you will know that automatically at the time given.

>Is there else for me to know now?


>End of writing

After this I sat to meditate. As soon as I closed my eyes, a large black bird with a long beak came to me and said, “Welcome son”. He looked like a toucan.

He turned me into a smaller version of him. He flew to a pyramid in Egypt and I flew with him. We flew down into the bottom of the pyramid to a completely dark chamber and sat facing each other. He began pecking with his beak on the top of my head. He cut through my skull and removed my brain, leaving my head completely empty. He replaced the top of my head and I was given to know that the inside of my head was completely dark in the same way as the chamber in which we were, and they were similar in darkness. As in resonance. I was to sit there and pay attention and learn, and he flew away.

Looking up Thoth later in Wikipedia, I found this, which sure explains the beak.

After I thought about this for a while, the following ideas began to come.


One of the things a consciousness is, is a space maker. The first thing thought creates is emptiness.

A consciousness first makes space, or emptiness, for a thought to be in. So creating emptiness is a consciousness’ first act just after it become self-aware. Maharishi Yogi said “When existence becomes aware of itself, then intelligence becomes intelligent.” So consciouisness makes space for creating by addressing being and creating from it emptiness first. It’s the smart way to do things. If a thing, even a thought, is to be, it needs a place in which to become.

So thought first invokes room to create. It invokes Being to create a space within which everything else that is ‘thought’ subsequently will be manifested. “Let there be light” – although that actually jumps ahead of the story. It then creates form, and then creates instances of entities, that is, specific organized unique things. And every one IS unique because every thought is unique – even if it looks like a copy. As Michio Kushi, promoter of the Macrobiotic diet, said, “There is nothing identical.”

And his statement is fantastic, truly fantastic, a brilliant insight for a foodie. Calming and perfect, Especially when you say it twice. A really important insight. Why? Because once it is understood, you simply cannot get bored creating as every single thing you think, feel, do, is unique in the Universe.

Therefore, thought is much more powerful than we had first … thought. It actually pulls the potential of generation out of Being into Emptiness. As known from Gurus and physicists, Emptiness is full of infinite potential.

At first, emptiness looks like dark. But we are confused about the attributes of dark; dark actually has nothing to do with bad, evil, meanness, and the like. The defining state of darkness is emptiness, and emptiness is a precursor for everything else.

Darkness comes before light. It says somewhere “and darkness moved on the face of the deep”. Note that darkness (emptiness) happened first, before light got made. Plus, we somehow had “deep” before anything was created which rather doesn’t make sense. As an engineering document Genesis might be a little weak, but nobody can ever fault its poetry.

Anyway, this creation business has all been mentioned before, proving I suppose that there is nothing new under the dark. See Genesis.

The strong point Genesis makes I think is that darkness is not simply an absence of light. In Genesis we didn’t first get light and secondly get shadow. It was the other way around. Thoth seems to have a clarification, that dark is its own self existent state, and that it isn’t negative. When emptiness is created, negative and positive had not yet been made.

Dark is emptiness in its essential nature. Emptiness is absolutely neutral. It is not evil, bad, mean, good, or anything else.

You don’t have to try to create emptiness by for example sitting in Zen meditation ‘No Mind’ for twenty years, because as soon as you think, as soon as you are not in No Mind, you first create an empty place to hold the thought; the thought then creates what you are thinking within the emptiness you just fabricated. And then that emptiness is not empty.

Emptiness pulls creation out of being.

Emptiness is the very fabric of the manifest universe. It is pure anterior. It must be the first step in happening.

We see that dark is the very bedrock of light. Light exists on the potential of darkness.

Wondering what to do next , I realized I didn’t have to wonder, I had been told the sequence of events, and I reviewed the guidance in the initial automatic writing. This guidance was:

  1. Connect to whatever is there.

  2. Ask what is relevant.

  3. Ask what to do.

The connection was to emptiness. Not much choice, since my brain had been removed and my head was officially real, real empty. I asked what was the relevance of it and after a short silence – emptiness – was told “the relevance is in being comfortable in the dark.”

So that is why the experience I was given was to sit in the infinitely dark chamber in the base of the pyramid and just stay there and learn. No other instruction was given.

Unless I found comfort there I would have had to leave. So I now attempt often to sit in the dark chamber underneath the pyramid and be OK. Which means of course not being afraid of what else might be there, realizing that by definition nothing is there.

Often, here it comes, the fear. Hold on to emptiness. Emphasize the emptiness and not the darkness. Emptiness isn’t frightening, it is blindness that is frightening. So stay with emptiness. I am certain this is the correct procedure. Be in the emptiness.

It works and the fear goes away.

The next day I was happy beyond all common sense.

This perhaps “Thothean” way of sitting is simply being in the dark and favoring emptiness over darkness. Favoring the experience of dark as empty, not as unlit. Realizing empty as safe by definition.

Nevertheless, emptiness is the greatest possible ambiguity. As soon as you think, OMG it’s dark, then the demons come to you. Like they did to Buddha on the cusp of his enlightenment. They come because you have defined dark as non-empty and since you cannot see what is there, the old classic human negativity invents devils.

All that can go. Don’t let it even start and when it does don’t push it away, just think, this chamber is empty. Empty. It’s empty. It’s empty because it started empty and I have not created fear yet.

Below is is a diagram of how everything works. The important thing about this set of events is that the apparent pure darkness of the space made by thought for manifesting intent into form is really just emptiness. A safe womb to fill.

Nothing exists in manifest reality until we think it into showing up.

Apparently, the framework into which we manifest things into shareable 3D appearances, that is to say the visible world, is a group creation by the interacting continuous thoughts of all humanity.

The 100thmonkey phenomenon tells us that when enough of a species begins to think differently, the entire composite shared reality for all in the species begins to change. There are different estimates of ‘enough’. Maharishi Yogi said it’s the square root of 1% of all humanity. Others have different numbers.

This mass rethinking is how we are going to get out of the terrifying illusion we are all in together. How we are going to uncreate fear. One of us can isolate ourselves into a thought bubble and be more or less OK, but for all of us and the reality we experience together to alter from terrifying to beautiful, enough people must start thinking love.

And that will be it. In future we will wonder how we could have made such a state as we are in now.

The hard part is predicting when this will occur in our shared slower frequency reality, which will actually increase in frequency as more of us check into it with expanded thinking.

So far, all predictions for when we will recreate heaven have been wrong, but fortunately so also the disastrous ones – think Nostradamus. With 7 billion moods going up and down, nobody can seem to know when enough of us align long enough to rend the misery. The only thing each one of us alone can actually change is when to be the last mentality, the last beating, adoring heart, adding itself to the aggregated thoughts of our companions. That is the huge contribution one can make, to be the last straw of love. It ought to be easy. We can take heart!

Every single thought in the universe starts with an empty slate.

A channeled work I had read long ago contains a passage attributed to Ezekiel, though not in a biblical citation.

“In the beginning was consciousness. Thought preceded the word. Consciousness, or thought, is the omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent mind of God. Thought is the cause and form is the effect. All that is began first as thought, which is the highest vibration. Thought vibrations are lowered into light, lowered again into energy and lowered once more to create mass. Consciousness and energy are the nature of reality.”
— Becoming Gods
James Gilliand

Matter and Dark Matter

In 2011 a video documentary was released titled “Everything and Nothing”. Written by Physicist Professor Al-Khalili it is about our topic here – from where do things come, and how do they do it? 

The presentation suggests that from the quantum vacuum there is a way that somehow entities that are simultaneously waves and particles ‘ jump’ out of this level in pairs.  One of the entities is the smallest known bit of matter.  The other is the smallest known bit of anti-matter. This phenomenon was predicted by physicist Paul Dirac by an epic piece of mathematics, for which he won the Nobel Prize in 1933.

Later, experimental support for this is also found in.  And recently an article in the science journal “Nature” 541, 376–379 19 January 2017, suggests the abstract of which states the “empty”  vacuum is full of electromagnetic wave forms just aching to manifest,  and is therefore not truly empty.  The somnolent wave forms may be stimulated to create what we see as matter by shining very short bursts of laser light into it.  This is about as far as we can take the science from popular exposes, but it does posit some notions that seem parallel with Toth’s guidance.

  • There is a level of reality in some sense parallel to the unmanifest which is ready to manifest.
  • It somehow moves within itself and when it does so may be thought to create waves on its pond of emptiness
  • These waves interfere with each other and spring out of emptiness and thereby create somethingness.


Graphic similar to one in Everything and Nothing

Per this documentary these pairs of items pop out simultaneously two by two.  It seems unlikely a more vivid demonstration can be given that we live in a universe of duality than this statement of what happens at the very start of manifesting.

It is found that there is a background state of electromagnetic “noise” in the vacuum state. What fluctuates in this reality is the level of the background noise. In other words the state previously thought of a nothing is full of electromagnetic radiations, fluctuations of which result in generating photons, which are the very first step in manifesting what we can see with our eyes.

Emptiness seems to be a state of readiness.  It’s ready to fluctuate.  Research in physics is never final, but we might make a provisional conclusion in accordance with our discussion of consciousness and creation. Quantum events don’t pull quanta out of nothingness. They are pulled out of emptiness. Emptiness is readiness, even eagerness, pure abstract intent. There isn’t nothing in the universe anywhere.  What we have described as Tothian emptiness is actually a safe space from which things pop into an existence we can see. Please see next for some ancient guidance on this statement of seeming quantum “readiness”.

Vedic Guidance

We have looked at Genesis from the Judeo Christian tradition for perspective on seminal events in physical creation. The Rik Veda is another religious text said to be one of the oldest in the world and exists within Hindu traditions. There we actually find comic uncertainty. The core text on creation is said to be in Mandala 10, hymn CXXIX. Creation and its last stanza says

“Whence this creation came,
Whether he made it or not,
The overseer of it in the highest heaven,
Only he knows it. Or doesn’t he know?”

Hardly the certainty for which we seek. But there is one important clue as to what goes on. Vedic creation thought asserts a similar structure to the one suggested by current science, but 6,000 years before modern physics. The Vedas say there is a layer of unmanifest potential (that we are calling emptiness), and above it a “layer” of vibration. The key line has been translatedBelow was urge, above was will.”

Urge. A desire. Somehow the Absolute unmanifest being of the universe pushes through its own nature a seed of wanting to manifest visible creation. Somehow emptiness can move within itself. We might extend this to say once this pool of emptiness has mysteriously moved within itself, we have a wave, and once we have a wave, we have oscillation, or frequency, and time begins to exist to mark the frequency of waves.

The Judeo-Christian text put this another way and so beautifully: “And darkness moved on the face of the deep.”  Darkness is what we describe here as emptiness. The face of the deep is the layer of emptiness bursting to become, and the deep on which it rests is the primal, eternal, changeless Absolute.

We are told by ancient Hindu texts that Frequency manifests first as a thought of the creator. The seminal creation of God is Idea. By thought, the creation we eventually see has started. We perceive vibrations in the field of being as the universe. Say the physicists. Say the Vedas.  Says Thoth. So we are frequencies in being. All the manifest creation is frequency in now manifested being. We and frequency are ideas. An idea is real to another idea. Ideas are alive to each other.

This notion of ideas participating with each other is an attempt to comprehend how matter, which we now, under the ‘urge’ of physics say is not “real” is perceived as “real” by agents within itself, that is, us. In other words, we too are ideas (consciousness) within the mind (consciousness) of god.

Otherwise it’s a full stop in comprehending the universe in terms of common sense. Seers and new age theorists and modern physicists unite in telling us that the world is not real. That it is vibration in something that is nothing. The penultimate term used is that the world is illusion. In Hinduism the term “maya” is used to denote a fog or illusory trick played by God on man to mask the true being and nature of himself behind a veil through which we must penetrate by our own wisdom and supreme efforts to win our way to mercy and relation with God. Absent this, we remain lost, both Christian and Eastern traditions seem to agree.

This theory is a disaster for humanity. It imposes a mountain between us and god, a mountain of illusion, with supposed reality at the top of a bloody and mostly impossible climb. This theoretical position that we are masked from ultimate love by illusions we mostly find impenetrable, is another way of saying that ultimate love hides itself from us.

But why would ultimate love do this? It simply does not make common sense that the primary unitive force in the universe we experience would withhold itself from itself until the denied portion of infinity somehow hitches up its spiritual pants and forces its way back to itself. Forces itself by meditating in caves for lifetimes, forces itself by scourging its body with pain, forces itself to the divine by forcing itself to suffer. What?

Basically this plan says love hates.

Common simple thinking rejects this plan as literally crazy.

The common sense experience is that illusions hurt. But this finding itself is rejected by new spiritual thinking. It’s just illusion so don’t take it seriously that you are in agony of doubt and loss at the edge of a pool of glorious love that has rejected you. All pain is illusion. Get over it.  God loves us but requires us to prove through suffering that almost kills us that we love him too. These odd ideas place ultimate absurdity at the core of ultimate reality, but fortunately these ideas aren’t so.

It goes further. The concomitant realization based on the premises above that frequencies are vibrations of nothing also implies that we are illusions. That we aren’t real. We aren’t real to each other and we are not real to God. Since the seminal vibrations bursting forth from emptiness REMAIN VIBRATIONS as they expand and generate the physical universe, everything we see doesn’t exist. One hopes that eventually physics will explain how non physical frequencies can come together to form experiences like tables, apples, cars, human bodies, but for now it seems like we need to give in and conclude that everything we see is a vibration from thought.

A key to the puzzle might be to understand that an idea is real to another idea. Have it the Hindu way if we wish, creation is just an unreal idea which masks itself from itself for as Hinduism calls “Lila”, or “play”. Wow what a game. Or as the Christians put it, because of evil force also created by god called a devil. And that spiritual life is an ultimate battle consisting of denying ourselves, and killing our actual experience of ourselves and of manifest life by positing that the only thing real is god and that he created an almost impenetrable wall of evil to keep us from him unless we go to war with ourselves and go to war with evil and win.

Most do not succeed in this warfare. The criteria of success given are mutable, for one thing. So you do all the required things and practically kill yourself with austerities and you become a Saint. Chapter and verse of spiritual progress in one tradition says that the better you become the worse it is. The closer you get to god the harder he makes the task! Saints have actually reported that as they shed human desires for enjoyment of everything that god makes for us, their increasingly tiny remaining sins loom larger before them and loom larger for god, and the insulation between the seeker and the sought becomes denser and denser and so you tell everybody that from your supposed exalted position that this is a lot harder than you ever imagined, and you are more evil than you can know until you nearly vanquish evil. When it’s put this way, when these assumptions are unraveled into the domain of actual normal continual human experience, all one can say is Oh My God.

So, the way out is the way in. Inquiring into and experiencing our inner nature quite pivots the above understandings and demanifests them quite quickly and very easily. You do not have to try to know who you really are. Basically all you have to do is close your eyes. And thank god so doing discloses early on in an inner journey that illusion is a false thought. Nothing real is masked from us. Nothing ultimate is withheld from us by an external and kingly creator. Nothing is what is not real. Inner life is a celebration of being and a door to love, love of self and of creator, which are known then as the same. As stated several times one does not go anywhere. The journey within is not a journey. It’s just an “Oh”! Oh, I see. Let’s just see what seeing sees, and it sees everything we want, everything that matters, everything that is, and everything that loves. Which is everything. This sure is worth a go, or shall we say, a stay.

Now it can be seen that a reason for loading you down with an abstruse and abstract diagram of how creation happens is to get us to the statement that an idea is real to another idea. That vibration is real to vibration. Aside from the fact that it is rather soothing to put together a flowchart of everything, it’s a step to no steps.

WHY DO WE CARE IN A BOOK ON FINDING GOD ABOUT THE PROCESS OF CREATION IN EXTREME DETAIL? Because it shows that in this universe boundaries are optional, since boundaries are frequencies in a field of consciousness and so are we. Separateness simply cannot be actual.

Why then would we say would god creates the unreal? Why would anybody create the unreal? Why would an artist or a home builder create the unreal? Would we want to say, “you know god, you did a really good job on creation, and it is beautiful. I sure wish it were real.”

I have seen and heard humans take this dogmatically both ways. A philosopher in a classroom to make a point said, “You want to know what’s real?” He knocked his knuckles on the table and said, “This is what’s real.” Physicists and certainly others now argue the reverse. They will knock on a table and say, “We know now that this table is not real. It is all empty space. It just seems real to us but it is really just fluctuations in a quantum field.” Just vibrations of something that we don’t understand what it is, but we know it is not something and so the apparent something that it gives rise to isn’t something.

But a meditator can say, hmmm, you know what? I am really really real. I never knew I was real before. But now I experience directly who I really am. I hid my reality from myself but had to posit something real about me to everyone else, so I fabricated other unreal persons to show them. I made up a version of who I thought it was ok to be and waved it in front of others to get a verification that it was real, and that helped. It was ok to be good so I presented myself as good. I presented myself as so good that I denied my own needs and sacrificed my life to my family. Unfortunately by the end of my life that turned out to be not so good, because they all left me and my version of me became empty, and I had no other. While I didn’t know anything real about me I knew that I hurt. A lot. Or I thought it was good to be smart so I presented a personality who was smart. And so on.

This is what made us spies in our own lives, as was suggested before. From inside a portal of denial we spied out of our eyes at the image we presented to the world to see how well it worked. And if it did work, we tried to do more of it. If it didn’t we might choose to rebel strongly against those who acted as if this presentation was unreal, and ramify this presentation and elaborate it and push it on others and away from me so hard that I become described as insane. Dr. Laing describes this situation extremely well as mentioned earlier as false self systems within which the lost become more lost.

We bring this up again now in the context of simply orienting ourselves around this dilemma, by doing nothing. By closing our eyes and non-resisting what we see. A Course in Miracles calls this to remain “undefended against our good”. Undefending isn’t an activity. It isn’t a step. There are no steps to god. It is just an involuntary “Oh!” by me, echoed around the universe by all that is. And when we do this, when we let our attention go into free fall within ourselves, once we know how to look around there, we “see that it is good”. Automatically good, and that we didn’t make it good, it was always good, we just never looked. Various traditions call this becoming “realized”. Realization dawns by itself after we take appropriate unactions, it is not a doing. OK, closing our eyes is a step, a small doing. But let’s look at it as not holding them open. Letting them rest. After a long, long time of their staring aghast at a version of reality that we have posited is as real as anything else, but which once inside we know, cannot possibly be God’s.

A dear teacher of meditation put it this way to me. “God wouldn’t do that to me! He loves me too much!” Thank you, John.



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