Chapter 10 — Conclusion

Finding the Supreme
Chapter 10 – Conclusion

It is the thesis of this book that loving ourselves is a precondition for knowing god. Secondly, it is found that trying to love ourselves before experiencing who we really are is a waste of time.

Also it is asserted here that once the preconditions are established for knowing god, all the rest is automatic.

It is stated that choosing an experience of who we really are is not an activity and it is thus not a “step” in a process short or long. It is merely not standing in the way. It is to let go and let ourselves fall within into our true self. Opening to the now moment is a companion experience with this letting go into who we really are. Once we experience who we really are, self love is automatic.

The overall context or rubric for these claims is not theoretical. The findings are founded in experience, and the experiences are described as simple, transcendently beautiful, and available to every one of us as simply coming home and resting in the supreme. And the supreme does it all for us, from beginning to end of the motionless journey.


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