Finding the Supreme


Below is a poem that came to me.  It is included here because of the outlandish statement made in the text that creation never actually happenens at all.  The statement was made with the support of a quotation from Sri Mooji, but the poem came to me long before I heard him say this.

This poem actually ties together the ambiguous nature of manifest creation with the important notion that things that do manifest are more like their seeming opposites than they are like anything else.  An observation based on this that is truly useful is that hate is more like love than it is like, say, liking, or indeed like anything else.  This is to say that opposites are not genuinely opposites.  The poem also asserts that the present now moment is a way to handle all this initially confusing realization.

Happen Stance
w sterling
Oct, 2001

Every action
has an equal
and opposite

Living is a ballroom dance of perfectly matched actions and unactions.

These might, the unactions, be called “allowances”. Remember your dad said, “You have to make allowances”?
Actually, they are made for us when we

do anything.

All we can do is acknowledge them, in the now moment, before, during, and after them.

Unactions have their equal and opposite actions.

Many are so damaged in early life that we have tried to live the rest of it as non participants. Which is more or less possible, but only well if you participate in the non participation.

Walking has unwalking ahead of it.
It has it in exact step with it.
Breathing has unbreathing with every breath.

Space is made where you yet aren’t as you go there.

The way of letting is a full time now moment copy of doing.

The rise of your chest in breath has risenness right on top of it pulling it wonderfully up, from its point of view.

And there are two points of view.

By participating in both at once – – at once!- – you both have and don’t have, everything.

It is fully legal trying to not participate in life. Both choices are allowed. Allowing and not allowing are both allowed.

Allowing and not allowing are both allowed.

Neither is wrong.
The choice is
always here
in every now
which we can be in.

Participating in the not allowing which seems to go against you is just as important as participating in the trying.

It makes you realize that both happening and not happening are happening and not happening.

Everything is finished as soon as it starts. The universe is a hum of non events.

The universe is an eventless hum.

Entropy is a universal way pressing us to realize allowance. Battling decay and heat death are as learning an experience as may be available. Looking deeply into entropy we find claims of both action and unaction,

claims to the allowance of this dance.

So harmony is just another polarity.

If an enormous neighbor came to town, with awesome abilities and magnificent influence, you would spend some time learning about this one who affects so much. Learn how to accord and get along with this huge one.

For many this enormous neighbor has just come to town, it installs everything, is monumental beyond thought. Simply this new neighbor is Life, and having believed I stood outside of it for so long it

whelms me
right over,
realizing now
its all whereness.

Within life,
looking out the window
of not being there
is entirely possible,
so profoundly is it open,
is life.

So entropy is one way life lets us know she is in town. The Hindus thought so much of accepting running down and deordering that they devoted one full third of all god to it, Shiva the destroyer, the maker of the way for creating. The Buddhists think so much of embracing the unenfoldable ways of undoing that they devote all their compassion to looking deeply at polarities.

Diving into their polarities, they come up drenched in peace.

We have bills to pay. The question if bills create money or money creates bills is welcome. There is an allowing between them. Noticing that money is there to pay bills is as important as finding there are bills to attract money. So bills allow money and money allows bills. Alone, they confound. Together, they are a way to see the moving of life.

The Tao didn’t
roll through here an hour ago and
you didn’t just miss it.

The Tao is a train of unthought, and,

so graceful is it
that you can
miss it
only right now
the Tao.

© William Sterling

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